Class HttpInternalErrorException

  extended byjava.lang.Throwable
      extended byjava.lang.Exception
          extended byjava.lang.RuntimeException
              extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.HttpException
                  extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.HttpInternalErrorException
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HttpInternalErrorException
extends HttpException

This exception is thrown when an internal error is found on the server.

Seth Ladd, Russell Gold
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Constructor Summary
HttpInternalErrorException( url)
          construct an internal http error form an url
HttpInternalErrorException( url, java.lang.Throwable t)
          construct an internal HTTP Error from a URL and a throwable
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Constructor Detail


public HttpInternalErrorException( url)
construct an internal http error form an url

url -


public HttpInternalErrorException( url,
                                  java.lang.Throwable t)
construct an internal HTTP Error from a URL and a throwable

url -
t -

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