Class PutMethodWebRequest

  extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.WebRequest
      extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.MessageBodyWebRequest
          extended bycom.meterware.httpunit.PutMethodWebRequest

public class PutMethodWebRequest
extends MessageBodyWebRequest

A web request using the PUT protocol. The objectives of this class are to suport an HTTP PUT petition so we can test this HTTP requests. Documentation See the HTTP 1.1 [spec]

Tom Watkins, Deepa Dihr, Marcos Tarruella, Russell Gold

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Constructor Summary
PutMethodWebRequest(java.lang.String url, source, java.lang.String contentType)
          Constructs a web request using a specific absolute url string and input stream.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getMethod()
          Returns 'PUT' to indicate the method.
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Constructor Detail


public PutMethodWebRequest(java.lang.String url,
                           java.lang.String contentType)
Constructs a web request using a specific absolute url string and input stream.

url - the URL to which the request should be issued
source - an input stream which will provide the body of this request
contentType - the MIME content type of the body, including any character set
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getMethod()
Returns 'PUT' to indicate the method.

getMethod in class WebRequest
the method

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