This tutorial should help you to learn to use HttpUnit to develop and test your web sites. It will take you through the incremental development of a simple servlet-based web application using a test-first approach. That is, first you are encouraged to write and execute a test for the next piece of functionality to be added, verify that the test fails (demonstrating that the functionality is not in place), and then implement the functionality and verify that the test now passes.

The initial tasks will use the ServletRunner class, thus bypassing the need for a web browser or servlet engine. Later tasks will require a web browser and a servlet engine, and use WebConversation .

The Application

Our application is an office sport betting pool. An administrator is designated to manage the pool, which includes opening and closing the betting. Entrants select the winner in each of the up to 10 games defined by the administrator and also guess the total score in one of those games, as designated by the administrator. The winner of the pool is the one who got the most winners correct, with any ties going to the person whose predicted total score in the tie-breaker game was closest to the actual final score.

We will identify the following uses of the system:

1.1 Administrator Opens Pool
The administrator defines up to ten games, specifying the home and away team for each game. He also selects one of these games as the tie-breaker. Once the data is correct, the administrator opens the pool for betting.
1.2 Administrator Closes Pool
After the pool is open, the administrator may at any time close the pool, thus preventing any further bets or changes to existing bets.
1.3 Administrator Posts Results
After the pool is closed, the administrator enters actual scores for each of the games played. Once all scores have been entered, the administrator posts the results.
2.1 Users enters a bet
After the pool is open, a user may sign on and create a bet, predicting the winner of each game and the total score of the tie-breaker game. The user may change his bet until the pool is closed.
2.2 User views results
Once the results have been posted, a user may examine his own bet to see how well he did. The system will indicate the correct predictions and the user's rank in the pool.
2.3 User views standings
Once the results have been posted, a user may view a list of all bidders ranked by number of correct predictions.

This application is fairly simple, and hardly robust, but contains more than enough interactions to allow us to explore development and testing with HttpUnit.

Tutorial Organization

Each section of the tutorial will address a specific use of the system, and show how HttpUnit and ServletUnit can be used to write tests which verify that functionality. You should begin each section by copying the initial directory, which includes an ant build script and some classes that you will need to complete it. Running the ant script will compile the code and run the tests. If you are not using ant, compile and run tutorial.TutorialTestSuite. After you implement each test, it should fail until you then add the implementation.


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