Tutorial ->Task 1

Creating the Pool Editor

Our initial task will be the creation of the simple pool editor, following use case 1.1. To restrict access to the administrator, we will take advantage of declarative security defined by the Servlet standard. As part of this task, we will use the Basic Authentication approach, which causes the browser to pop up a challenge dialog. The more common form-based authentication is handled the same way that all forms should be.

To begin the tutorial, create a working directory and expand this archive into it. To run the tutorial, you will need httpunit.jar, junit.jar, servlet.jar, nekohtml.jar, xercesImpl.jar, and xmlParserAPIs.jar (all included in the HttpUnit download) on your classpath. If you use ant, you can either copy them into the jars directory just created, or invoke ant with -Dclasspath="...", specifying the locations of those jars between the quotation marks. If you do not use ant, note that the main class is named tutorial.PoolEditorTest

You will write your code in the src/tutorial sub-directory.

Once you are ready, proceed to step one to begin the tutorial.